Bria Drain captures her audience not just with her deeply touching voice but as well with her being. She is charismatic, with a colourful and humorous mind. Her voice touches the heart and the soul of her audience. Even she is still very young, she knew from childhood on that she wants to be a singer and trains hard since then, to perfect her talents – to train her voice, her dancing abilities and her stage performance.

Today she is offering her talents to make every event exceptional. She is not just booked on the island of Mallorca, where she lives – her clientele books her for gigs all over Europe and while she is writing her A-Levels she already started a stunning career.

Bria Drain: “Lets see, it was around the age of six when I decided I wanted to sing, it was just after seeing the movie about the life of Tina Turner (maybe a little too young for this movie), I thought wow, I can do that too or at least try, so I began singing lessons which convinced me even more that I should and from then on I continued. I went through a selection of different voice trainers who had me try opera, rock, soul, gospel…you name it, and I learnt so much from every single one of them, I am very grateful.

I moved to the beautiful island of Mallorca when I was 8, continuing classes. I also took up dancing in Top Dance academy, and started competing professionally with my group at national Spanish Hip-hop competitions.

At 16 I began performing, since then I’ve performed for different organisations and events.”

Bria Drain is offering a wide spectrum to her audience. But if you ask herself about her stile, she answers:

„I would definitely describe my music taste as eclectic, I love and enjoy so many different genres I cant really be too specific. Artists or groups who’ve really inspire me and keep on doing so include, Ray Charles, Damien Rice, Boyz 2 Men Aretha Franklin, Prince, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Shirley Bassey, Etta James, Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Las Orishas, Rolling Stones, Salt n Peppa, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Adele, Amy Winehouse, TLC.“